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Susan Nyerick


Susan Nyerick has been an agent Since 2019.  She’s known Lori for 15 years. Susan has been a nurse for over 35 years and loves caring for and supporting people through stressful life events. “Real estate, like nursing, is full of ups and downs and knowing how to stay calm and creatively problem solve though them is second nature.” She has always been obsessed with homes, the real estate market. With Lori's support and guidance she has been able to finally make the jump and dive in!!  Susan LOVES being able to track down that special property for her clients!  Whether looking for the perfect family home or finding the farm of their dreams , building relationships with her clients during the search and guiding them through the process is extremely rewarding to her. Real estate has allowed Susan to step out of the box, and explore her creative side.  Susan’s favorite accomplishment, though they are all special,  was enabling a young man to not give up and find a property where he could fulfill his dream of having his own cattle farm! She’s always telling her clients “If You want it, I’ll find it!”

    When not doing real estate Susan is blessed to have a wonderful and supportive husband, an equally amazing clan of children and grandchildren, and of course Dagger the mustang who totally rocks her world, keeps her on her toes and makes her strive to be the best she can be! 

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